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Learn to use digital tools

This page is created to help you, tourism activity providers, to use digital tools in order to enhance your offers in terms of communication thanks to the tools available on the internet or made available by the Tourist Office. Transforming a portrait poster into a landscape one so that your event added via Décibelles Data is correctly displayed on the websites, how to properly reference your offers on Décibelles Data but also…. WHY DECIBELLES DATA?

Céline, in charge of digital projects and communication at the Tourist Office of Grand Autunois Morvan, tells you all about it.

Learn about online tools


Why use Decibelles Data and what is it for?

  • 1 single database to feed all sites, regionally
  • Easily standardize, update, and distribute your information : Fill in your data once for all the sites connected to the platform
  • A form of independence: no more need to contact your OT, city hall, or other organizations to update all your data. Decibelles Data gives you access to your offers, their modification and the addition of new offers via a professional extranet. It is very convenient to be able to access your data and decide when you want to add a new photo or change your contact email address.
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présentation de la plateforme

  • 1 single database, what does that mean?

    A bank of digitally stored information that contributors feed and authorize to be distributed on digital or printed media through feeds. Thus, if the author of a web site for the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region wishes to draw useful information for his site, he asks for access to the feeds. For example, the sites of the Autun town hall and the CCGAM draw these data to feed the agenda part of their site, or the Tourist Office of the Grand Autunois Morvan for its entire site.

  • How does it work?

    The offers are organized by slips gathering similar categories.In order to organize the dissemination of data on the sites, it is important to understand that slips section the offers by themes: sports and cultural activities ≠ festivals and events ≠ sites and places to visit ≠ local products ≠ shops and services ≠ organizations and companies.Of course, we do not all interpret them in the same way, but we had to choose a certain organization to standardize the communication of all the sites at the same time on common themes.Example: on all the sites, the agendas bring up the offers classified as festivals and events.

  • Why do we operate this way?

    If Peter has added his event to activities, Paul to parties and events and James to sites and places to visit because his party is held in a castle, then the user can no longer find his way around the site because the events are scattered and lost across the sites. Slips allow you to filter by category of offers. In addition to the slips, we have tabs inside the offers that differentiate the categories of information (description / contacts / dates / administrative information, etc.). These fields, sections and tabs allow you to filter offer types according to their theme, validity period, rates, etc. This is why it is important to reference your offers as much as possible. If they correspond to the theme of the filtered pages, then they will be visible. If the information is not indexed, it will not appear on the page, or in the filtered searches of Internet users.

  • What slips can I access?
    • Sporting and cultural activities
    • Artisanship
    • Shops and services
    • Festivals and events
    • Collective lodging
    • Hotels
    • Outdoor hotels
    • Organizations and businesses
    • Local products
    • Restaurants
    • Sites and places to visit

    To note: none of these slips allow you to add an offer for a bed and breakfast or a guest house. To add an offer in the slip provided for this purpose (rental accommodation) first make your request for a Siret number and make your declaration at the town hall then contact to add your offer.

  • Why can't I add a new rental accommodation offer?

    You can’t add your gite, bed and breakfast or furnished accommodation by yourself because we need your declaration to the town hall and the receipt from the town hall in order to add your new accommodation.

  • How to get a pro extranet?

    First of all, you must have an offer to propose: a gite, a guest room, a business, an activity, etc.For a gîte or chambre d’hôtes, you must make your declaration at the town hall and send it by email to the tourist office specifying:

    • your rates
    • your opening periods over the current year,
    • the name and exact address of the establishment
    • an email and a public phone + your contact information to be used internally with the OT if you want them to be different

    Forevents: use the form and send an email to the tourist office to request the opening of a pro extranet, specifying the email address you wish to use to manage your pro extranet. For other service providers, send an email to the tourist office with the following information:

    • type and/or theme of the service
    • public and private contact information if different
    • opening times and hours, name of the service/company
    • exact address where the service is based.


How do I add an event if I don't have a pro extranet?
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  • go to the OT website
  • click on “visit and move” then “all the agenda
  • scroll down the page to the “announce your events
  • click on “the form”
  • enter your data as shown in the video audio
  • click on “validate”
  • if you want a pro extranet, ask for it at


  • All fields with a red *
  • 1 photo (landscape if possible)
  • Mandatory photo credit NAME + First Name of the person who made the visual
How do I add an event if I have a pro extranet?
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  • go to the OT website
  • click on “visit and move” then “all the agenda
  • scroll down the page to the “announce your events
  • click on “the pro extranet”
  • log inyou / click on 1st login if password forgotten
  • click on “add an offer” or go find an old offer in “my offers”
  • enter your information or modify the info of your old event (check if the T&Cs are signed for the old offers)
  • click on “save and exit” to send your offer for validation


  • all fields with a red *
  • click in the drop-down menu and select the address rather than handwriting it
  • check if the geographic location on the map is correct
  • repeat the dates well in “event dates” + in “free-text dates”
  • use calendar mode for recurrence
  • rates, even if free
  • contact details: well select direct booking
  • 1 photo (if possible in landscape)
  • credit photo obligatory NAME + First name of the person who made the visual
How to use the calendar mode? Extranet Pro
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When you get to the “characteristics” tab (of your event)

  • click on the “calendar mode” button
  • click anywhere
  • select the recurrence start date and event start time and select the same date for the end date and change the end time
  • in recurrence, click on the drop down menu to select your recurrence: daily/weekly/monthly/annual
  • you can add weeks if it occurs every 2, 3, 4, weeks rather than weekly
  • check the day(s) of the recurrence
  • select the recurrence end date by checking “the” in the “until”


To be continued:

  • add a widget to your website
  • how does the pro extranet work? Overview


Use Canva for my communications: create posters, post visuals on social networks, make storys, reels, brochures, presentations, etc.A multitude of proposals is to be made on Canva to facilitate the realization of your communication tools.


How to create a Canva account?video without sound
To create a free account, you must:

First of all, you need to have an email address or a Facebook account or a Google account in order to create your login and receive the confirmation code from the email address.

  • type “Canva” into Google
  • click on “sign up for free”
  • choose a way to log in (Facebook account , Google account, via an email address) an account name and password
  • validate
  • go get your confirmation code from your email box
  • Terminated !
How to transform a portrait poster into a landscape in 3 MINUTES?video without sound
To transform a visual into another format with Canva :
  • open your visual
  • click “resize”
  • write your dimensions
  • click COPY AND RESIZE to keep your old visual + create a new file on which you can rework your visual in the new format
  • move your elements to reoccupy the space at your convenience
  • export your visual by clicking “share”, choose your format (.jpg / .png / .pdf / etc.) and upload

Note that this feature that helps you resize while creating a copy of your project is only available with a paid version.With the free version, you can open a new project with landscape dimensions, copy your elements from the portrait project and then paste on the new landscape project. Reposition to your liking, and voilà! Just as fast, even if less convenient.


Social networks are tools that we are starting to know well now. We can say that today, a company automatically goes through social networks to communicate on its products and services and it is even one of its main communication channels. Social networks have the purpose of disseminating information and put at your disposal different tools that can be easily used and recognized by the user. These tools have a snowball effect in the dissemination of content, such as the hashtag (#) or the tag (@) and provoke interaction.

I have chosen the attached videos to show you from different angles the impact your work on this type of media coverage can have for your business

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  • In short, how does a social network work?

    The functioning of a social network is based on a programmed algorithm whose goal is to bring up the information that has the most popularity first. If you are still following me, you will have quickly understood that it is a race for popularity. But in the end, isn’t this usually the goal of a company, a public figure or any organization that wants to develop its activities?

  • Why be visible?

    Popularity = interest. Interest = sales. Sales = more money. More money, Development.Social networks are an available way, which you can work in order to make a place in the algorithm and make yourself popular:Interesting content = views. Views = likes, comments, shares. Likes, comments, shares = subscriptions. Subscriptions = popularity. Popularity = visibility. Visibility = authority. Authority = Interest. Interest = monetization. Monetization = more money. More money, development, success, wealth, sustainability!

  • What to remember from the videos?

    It is not about identifying yourself with these multinational business leaders, which is not the intended framework. The report is interesting on the figures and the different uses of each network. It can also be interesting to identify personalities who can make a mark on people’s minds in order to benefit the reputation of your establishment.Example in the context of tourism with a place to visit: we can think that since the visit of François Mitterrand to the Roche de Solutré, the place has since benefited from a much greater reputation than it would have had without this media coverage of a popular personality.Popularity is measured by authority. One strategy is to invite the authority of other accounts/personalities to one’s account/establishment.The second video aims to understand why networks have become so important with the change in work environment brought about by the health crisis.

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Tutorials are under construction. Coming up:

  • How to create a Facebook page?
  • How to create a post on your Facebook page?
  • How to share other posts on your Facebook page?
  • How to use Instagram VS Facebook?
  • How and what to post on Instagram?
  • what tools are available and how to use them?

If you have any needs, you can give me suggestions at