Mount Beuvray Rob Urie ©les Coflocs (16)Mount Beuvray Rob Urie ©les Coflocs (16)
©Mount Beuvray Rob Urie ©les Coflocs (16)
Instant of AdventureThe most beautiful viewpoints on the Morvan

The most beautiful viewpoints on the Morvan

Take in the view in Autunois Morvan ! Painters, photographers or simple landscape lovers, come and discover our most beautiful panoramas.

Carnival Rocks


Exceptional granite chaos near the top of the Uchon massif. Splendid viewpoint on the Arroux valley, the Morvan and on a clear day the Puy-de-Dôme.

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The Cross of Liberation

Autun – Couhard

Answering the call of the forest is to follow the path that will hang in the woods of the sumptuous forest of Montmain and plays perspective in abundance. Now protected from clear-cutting, from plantations in battalions of conifers, the forest reconnects with itself, scrambling, multiple, generous of essences, revealing of mysteries. The walk is gluttonous and full of rewards. You will enjoy the scents of bark and moss, you will devour the climbs, you will be delighted by the beauty of the vegetation and the panorama. It is accompanied by the brook that one moves away from Couhard. From the stone of the same name, an ancient mausoleum or tomb, the viewpoint gives a chronological overview of Autun. The waterfall of Brisecou offers a first fresh break. From the wooded summit where the Liberation Cross stands triumphantly, the city reveals its plan, lying in the superb beyond of the valleys and the Morvan mountains. One prolongs with delight the halt before plunging back into the woods and sliding down the slope.

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Mont Beuvray


A remarkable viewpoint over the Morvan, Mont-Beuvray rises to 821 meters.

It even allows you to see the Mont-Blanc in good weather. It is also a great spot to contemplate the sunrise or the sunset!

This site is also worth the detour for all the historical charge that it supports. It is indeed the site of the ancient capital of the Gallic people, the Eduens, no less!

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Notre Dame de l’Aillant


The statue of Notre Dame de l’Aillant was built in 1878 and its plaque was affixed to the base on August 15, 1946 in recognition of Our Lady who protected Anost on July 14, 15 and 16, 1944 from the German troops who were preparing to burn the village. It represents the Virgin carrying her child in her arms. This cast iron statue is placed on a stone pedestal which itself sits on a rock. It seems to watch over the regional natural park from its height which offers a view on the Morvan.

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