Journées-Médiale-Couches-2015 ©Caroline Petriz (4)Journées-Médiale-Couches-2015 ©Caroline Petriz (4)
©Journées-Médiale-Couches-2015 ©Caroline Petriz (4)|Caroline Petriz

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The Autunois is a place in perpetual motion. Not a week goes by without something to see, listen to or enjoy. Major events punctuate each season: La Pautnée (hiking and mountain biking), Book Festivals, the Sound and Light Show “Augustodunum”, the “Fête de la Vielle”, the “Jazz à Couches” Festival, organized hikes, plays…..

Quartier Medieval ©céline Champcourt (25)Quartier Medieval ©céline Champcourt (25)
©Quartier Medieval ©céline Champcourt (25)
150 results
The largest choice to prepare your stay
150 results
The largest choice to prepare your stay

Advertise your events

If you are interested in publicizing your event to the general public, you can now add your event online. Follow the instructions below!

You can still advertise a public event that is cultural, sports, and recreational in nature (religious or political events are excluded). We publish here the events taking place mainly in the 55 communes of the Grand Autunois Morvan and some surrounding communes.

This method is the same as for communicating your events on the sites of the Burgundy Franche-Comté Region and Saône-et-Loire Destination

Provide a visual in landscape format so that it is displayed correctly on the sites

Two possibilities

The Form

It can be used if you are the organizer of an event on a very casual basis. It does not allow you to edit your events if you have made a mistake.



Dsl form


It is made for frequent event organizers, and most importantly, it allows you to edit your records if you made mistakes, or make changes if you cancel your event, etc. Thanks to this one, you can reuse the forms from one year to another by simply changing some information like the dates. It is created at the address you want after entering the first event through the form. To do this, you will need to email us at to ask us to set up the pro extranet for you if you don’t have one yet.

Extranet Pro

It is up to you how you want to reference your events in the calendar. We recommend the pro extranet because it allows you to manage different records. For example, if you own a bed and breakfast and organize events, you can find in this extranet the file of your bed and breakfast as well as the file of your event and update them when you need it. In addition, many of you wanted to be able to change your errors after filling out the form, with the extranet pro, it is possible!

Information about events announced on the calendar is inserted by the organizers. The services of the city of Autun and Grand Autunois Morvan as well as the tourist office can not be held responsible for any erroneous information about the events they do not organize.
Thank you for your understanding.


Events published on Décibelles Data may also appear from the websites of the City of Autun, and the CCGAM