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Instant AdventureThe Autunois Morvan by bike
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The Autunois Morvan by bike

A territory of soft mobility, for a pressure-free vacation. The Autunois Morvan has cycle greenways that will allow you to cross the territory and even the Saône-et-Loire by bike. For mountain bike enthusiasts, there are different cross-country trails and itinerant hiking circuits. The majority of our hiking trails are suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and horseback riders.

Did you know? Autun is a 2024 Games Land in the mountain bike- Cross Country category! New routes have been created for the occasion, discover thanks to the downhill program of the City of Autun

Mountain bike ©yannick Lavesvre Les Coflocs (31)Mountain bike ©yannick Lavesvre Les Coflocs (31)
©Mountain bike ©yannick Lavesvre Les Coflocs (31)


Bike routes

Grand Autunois Morvan is rich in nature rides thanks to its green environment: its lakes and rivers, its forests and bocage landscapes. Some forest walks are suitable for mountain biking, electrically assisted mountain biking, bicycle touring, electrically assisted bicycle and VTC.


Sleeping near the mountain bike trails

A selection of accommodations that offer bike-related services.

A Stay for mountain bikers

A mountain bike package prepared to be guided in the adventure.