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Moments of Adventure, Sharing and Decompression

The Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is a friendly place where you can find out about activities, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment…. With the Tourist Office, you can also organize your stay thanks to the marketing department, which is registered with Atout France as a receptive travel agency. Take home a souvenir: the Tourist Office store sells local products such as honey, jam, liqueur, wine, jewelry, hiking guides, etc.

The team

Conseillère en Séjour Permanente


Conseillère en Séjour Permanente


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Chargée des projets Numérique et de la Communication


Marketing Manager


Year-round activities

The Tourist Office team has developed the following activities to help you discover the region’s history and legends. Visit the office every day for young and old alike to go on a hunt for monsters in the town of Autun, or in search of the Stone of Knowledge. Join our storyteller every Wednesday in Epinac, every Thursday in Uchon and every Friday at 11 a.m. for storytelling walks.

Free audio guides


Discover the imperial city and the villages of the Grand Autunois Morvan with the audioguided tours developed by our tour consultants. It’s free and all you need is your phone!

Discover Autun and travel through the history of this city founded by the Emperor Augustus in 15 BC. Autun, ancient capital of the Aedui, has survived the centuries while preserving the evidence of its past.

Discover the town of Anost and its history through time, and come and discover Couches, this village with a thousand facets and the history of its monuments implanted in the history of the town over time. New audio guides have been developed for 2023 for Épinac, a former mining town with much to tell, and for Lucenay L’Évêque, a peaceful Morvan village. A final tour has been set up for you to revisit the history of washhouses in Autun.


Autun audio tour with the SHAZAM of monuments!

With this concept, you’re free to choose your own tour of Autun. Unlike Wivisites, you don’t have to follow a set route to listen to the audioguide. You choose the order of your visit. When you see a monument, scan and listen!

This visual search technology lets you playfully identify out-of-the-ordinary buildings, city treasures and secret nooks and crannies. Get an immediate answer without searching. An on-demand guide instantly answers the question: what is this monument? And you choose a commentary to suit your mood. Professional guides tell you, on demand, the little and big stories of the monuments, the city… Anecdotes to share! Your “travel diary” archives all your cultural conquests and favorites. With Whatizis, keep an eye on your discoveries and your travels.

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A ticket office

The Grand Autunois Morvan tourist office offers a ticketing service for the following events. Tickets can be purchased online or at the reception desk, with the option of paying in cash.

Membership 2023

You can become a member of the tourist office and benefit from additional services, such as the possibility of using Weebnb to promote your establishment for accommodation providers, or take advantage of the loan of equipment available at the tourist office. Membership costs €36 for the year.

The project for the new website and its graphic charter were carried out with the support of the Communauté de Communes du Grand Autunois Morvan and the Burgundy Franche-Comté Region.