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Top of the Morvandelles flavors

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On the road to Burgundy’s terroir

Our chefs will introduce you to the different specialties of the region. In the meantime, to make your mouth water, find a top of the flavors that form the identity of our land.

The Wine


Located on the Burgundy wine route, west of the Canal du Centre, here you are in the Couchois. In the south of the Hautes Côtes de Beaune, this wine-growing area is nestled between 200 and 300 meters of altitude. Here, six wine-producing communes produce wines of character, whose quality has been recognized since 2000 by the AOC Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois. The lands of Couchois are exploited with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, rather dry wines, with exquisite colors that put a lot of sight, and flavors full of mouth!

On the Wine TrailBIVB

The Charolais

Route 71

Appellation d’origine contrôlée, Charolais meat is a strong identity of Burgundy and especially Saône-et-Loire. As you may have guessed, the cattle breed originates from the commune of Charolles, located in the Charolais-Brionnais. This beef quality has allowed the Burgundians to concoct the best hot dish made from beef for its guests for centuries: beef Bourguignon! Simmered with carrots and potatoes over low heat in red wine for a few hours, it is an explosion of local flavors.

AOC designation

The Four Hours Morvandelles


After a hike, it is important to recover your strength. Find in our various restaurants a typical local dish, the four hours Morvandelles based on Morvan ham, bacon omelet and cottage cheese. An irresistible dish !

An address where to taste

Candy side


On the sweets side, the Morvan hazelnuts, roasted and surrounded by marzipan and baked in the oven, will seduce the greediest. Also to be tested, the Talleyrand coffee, 100% arabica “quite full-bodied, powerful and long in the mouth”: the store “Pause Café” (pedestrian street in Autun) roasts this blend of coffees selected and assembled according to an artisanal process according to a letter of December 26, 1825 written by Maurice de Talleyrand in Marseilles (he was, among his different lives, bishop of Autun). It fits well with his very famous definition of coffee: “Coffee should be black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love.” To satisfy your taste buds, accompany your tasting with the “Forbidden Grain”, a confection made of Arabica coffee beans coated with chocolate. Jams are also one of the most appreciated delicacies and are produced by craftsmen in the Morvan, rich in wild fruit resources, which grow in forests or hedgerows.

L’Arche d’UrielPause CaféLes confituriers du Morvan

The Honey


Regional Nature Park, the Morvan is a vast expanse of protected nature with quite amazing resources. Fruit trees, forest humidity, bocage land, a panoply of local environments conducive to the appearance of flowers of various kinds that our little bees love to make their winter reserves. And they have enough to work with to ensure that their hive as well as their customers will not lack natural sugar during the year. Taste the fruit of their labor in different flavors during your stay, a way to share a piece of preserved nature.

La MiellerieSully Honey