Autun ©les Coflocs (11)Autun ©les Coflocs (11)
©Autun ©les Coflocs (11)

Discovery day of the Gallo-Roman heritage

Trip to Aeduan country

Follow in the footsteps of the Aedui with this discovery day that will allow you to visit the main Gallo-Roman sites, Autun and Bibracte. You will also learn more about the medieval period.

A unique experience

A heritage activity in Autunois Morvan

The Program

Guided tour “Autun, a whole history”. Go back in time and discover the different Gallo-Roman and medieval eras, which shaped the face of the ancient Augustodunum (2h).

Lunch at the restaurant.

Guided tour of the archaeological site of Bibracte. Rediscover throughout the visit how the oppidum of Bibracte could be 2000 years ago (2h).
Then, a guided tour of the Museum. Bibracte was the capital of the Aedui, one of the most powerful Gallic peoples. (1h30)

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Time spent24h
Length of the walking route1 Km
Little tipGet your camera ready

*80 €/person based on 10 people.

Optional: Gallic lunch, ancient wine tasting, Gallic workshops.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.