Photographs Tourist Office of Grand Autunois Morvan © Aurélie Stapf, photographerPhotographs Tourist Office of Grand Autunois Morvan (© Aurélie Stapf - photographer)
©Photographs Tourist Office of Grand Autunois Morvan (© Aurélie Stapf - photographer)|Aurélie Stapf
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Walking through the imperial city

In Autunois Morvan, there is no shortage of guided walks. Between heritage tours, nature walks and storytelling walks, take your pick.

AutunCathedral and Palm House
©Cathedral and Palm House|JEAN-MARC SCHWARTZ
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Tourist OfficeSummer visitshere we go again in 2022!

Walks accompanied and guided by one of the “Guides en Morvan”. Come and discover the history, the fauna and the flora of our villages!

Heritage tours

During the summer the heritage department offers themed tours every afternoon to help you discover the city. For all particular requests, please contact the tourist office.

Wivisites - Audioguided tour

Discover the imperial city thanks to the audioguide tour developed by our student travel consultant. It’s free and all you need is your phone! (click on the QR Code or go here)

Discover Autun and travel through the history of this city founded by the Emperor Augustus in 15 BC. Autun, ancient capital of the Aedui, has known how to cross the centuries while preserving the testimonies of its past.