Paldenshangpa Buddhist Temple ©the Coflocs (3)Paldenshangpa Buddhist Temple ©the Coflocs (3)
©Paldenshangpa Buddhist Temple ©the Coflocs (3)

The Buddhist temple of La Boulaye

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Paldenshangpa, meditating in the heart of Burgundy

Himalayan style, the Buddhist temple Paldenshangpa de la Boulaye was founded in 1974 by a Tibetan lama. Raised on three levels, it houses gigantic statues of Buddhas and many colorful paintings. Walk through its garden decorated with colorful banners and a stupa, a pyramid-shaped Tibetan cult monument. All year round, you can visit the park, the temple gallery, the store and attend the rituals at 9 am and 6 pm with songs and music.

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Admire the architecture

A unique case of Buddhist architecture in Burgundy, the Temple of La Boulaye, known as the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas is a magical place to discover! Raised on three levels, it hosts gigantic statues of Buddhas and many bright paintings. The park is decorated with colorful banners and a stupa, a Tibetan cult monument in the shape of a pyramid.

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The visit of the temple

Located in the heart of Burgundy, a region rich in spiritual centers for centuries, “Paldenshangpa La Boulaye” has always been the natural place to discover Buddhism. With its magnificent temple, its green park, its flower garden carefully maintained by our gardener is surrounded by hundred-year-old trees and roamed by free peacocks.

Along the paths are lined up the prayer flags whose wind, waving them, carries away the blessing of the prayers, mantras and good wishes inscribed there. Just coming to this place, located near Autun, on the way to the vacations and the ancient pilgrimage sites, walking around, visiting the temple, making a few turns of the stupa, spinning the big prayer wheel filled with millions of mantras, relaxes and rejoices the body and the mind.

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Staying or Retreat?

A unique site, conducive to resourcing and meditation. In a preserved nature, this temple is a jewel of Asian architecture, in the heart of Burgundy. One finds there calm and serenity… and a little magic too ! For a simple stroll or for a retreat or a training course, the temple welcomes you all year round.

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Enjoy the green setting of Etang-sur-Arroux

Etang-sur-Arroux has been an obligatory point of passage since Antiquity because it is located at the confluence of the three valleys of the Braconne, the Mesvrin and the Arroux. It is a gateway town to the Morvan Regional Natural Park.

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