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Autun, the whole story

The Gallo-Roman and medieval periods have shaped the face of Autun and now give it its charm. Your guide will take you to the Gallo-Roman sites: Roman Theatre,  "Porte d'Arroux' and "Porte Saint-André" and "Temple de Janus". Then you will discover the medieval part of the city dominated by the majestic St-Lazarus Cathedral, masterpiece of Romanesque art.
This panoramic tour will take you back in time and will reveal to you the richness of Autun's heritage.

2 h - Walking tour and bus tour.You can rent a bus through our services

Saint-Lazare, heart of the medieval town

After a guided tour of the Cathedral of St. Lazarus for about 1 h, this is a real immersion into history that awaits you. The high town will reveal to you the importance of religious life in medieval times. Many buildings are still examples of the everyday life of the bishop and canons of the cathedral.

2 h - walking tour

Let us tell you about the cathedrale

After a guided tour of the Cathedral of St. Lazarus for about an hour, your guide will take you to the "Musée Rolin" to visit the medieval section. Major and renowned works are on display.
Among the many paintings and sculptures, the "Temptation of Eve" of Gislebertus, the "Nativity" of the Master of Moulins, or the statue of the "Virgin of Autun" stand out. The reputation of these works is well established. A must for all art lovers.

2 h - walking tour

Discovering Augustodunum

After visiting the Gallo-Roman monuments (Augustodunum, soror et aemula Romae), your guide will accompany you in the archaeological section of the "Musée Rolin". Most of the works and exhibited objects come from excavations in Autun. These are bronzes, figurines, utensils, ornaments, mosaics or tombstones that will be presented to you. Visiting these rooms shows the importance and the panache of Autun in ancient times.

Walking tour and bus tour. You can rent the bus through our services.

Augustodunum, « soror et aemula Romae »

Founded by the will of the emperor Augustus, to whom it owes its name, Autun was built in the late 1st century BC to accommodate the people of the Aedui of Bibracte.
"Sister and rival of Rome," this is the motto of Autun. The term is not exaggerated, Augustodunum was one of the highlights of the cultural and commercial Gallo-Roman times. Your guide will show you the prestige of this ancient city as you visit the Gallo-Roman monuments: Roman theatre, "Porte Saint André", "Porte d'Arroux", "Temple de Janus" and ramparts.

2 h - Bus tour, you can rent the bus through our services

The Cathedral of St. Lazare

In the footsteps of ancient pilgrims who came to pray at the tomb of Saint-Lazare, you will discover the evolution of the cathedral over centuries throughout this guided tour. Its architecture is remarkable in many ways; both Romanesque and Gothic, it has undergone many changes. That's what makes its distinctiveness and originality. This cathedral also owes its reputation to Gislebertus who sculpted the tympanum.
1 h - Walking tour

The “Musée Rolin”

Located in the family home (15th century) of the Duke of Burgundy's Chancellor Nicolas Rolin, the museum contains collections divided into four sections :
- "Roman archaeology" presenting the aspect and the activities of the ancient city;
- "History of Medieval Art" with among other pieces such as The "Temptation of Eve" of Gilbertus and the "Nativity" of the Master of Moulins.
- "Local history" with documents evoking the past in Autun from the 15th to the 19th century.
- "Fine arts", introduced by a room dedicated to the decorative arts, bringing together French and European paintings from the 17th century to the 20th century (Teniers, Natoire, Dèveria, H. Vernet, M. Denis).
The Rolin Museum is now enriched by the donation of Andre and Monique Frénaud which includes 94 works of artists such as Esteve, Miro, Ubac, Dubuffet, Bazaine, Fautrier ...

2 h

Guided tours in french and in foreign languages

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Chapter room Cathedral

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