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Guided tours of imperial sites

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Let yourself be guided in Autun

Autun, a whole history : The Gallo-Roman and medieval eras have shaped the face of Autun and give it all its charm today. Choose a guided tour that allows you to discover the Gallo-Roman sites: the ancient theater, the Arroux and Saint-André gates and the temple of Janus. You can also choose to visit the heart of the upper town to discover the Saint-Lazare cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque art. A panoramic visit will allow you to go back in time and will reveal the richness of Autun’s heritage.

AutunCathedral and Palm House
©Cathedral and Palm House|JEAN-MARC SCHWARTZ

Personalized guided tours

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The Tourist Office also offers to personalize your visits if the predefined itineraries do not suit you or if you wish to add your personal touch. To do so, you can contact our marketing department which will arrange your visit according to the possibilities available.