Nature and hiking

The landscape

The beautiful landscapes of Autun and its protected environment are ideal for hiking, horseback riding or mountain bike adventures. In the rolling countryside of Autun, you will discover vast areas of forests on the hills, wooded countryside dedicated to breeding on the plains, turbulent rivers and small streams.

Autun also has gardens and lovely rose gardens which delights both children and adults.

A large choice of natural relaxation!


Alôsnys, ecological place in permanent cultivation

This 5500m² garden implements perm culture techniques, using mulch and ecological techniques. This well thought out garden consists of aromatic and medicinal plants, red berries, ancient vegetables, edible flowers, ancient fruit and wild plants. Everything is organized in a harmonious and useful way.

New for a visit with family : discover the parks with unusual animals and farm animals. 

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Vergoncey - Curgy

Latitude: 46.997629
Longitude: 4.403066

Tel: +33 (0)6 74 62 93 15
mail :

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Hours and prices

Prices :

  • Guided Tour : € 4 / Personn; € 2 / children
  • Visite with a degustation : € 6 / Personn
  • Free visit : € 2 / Personn

Schedule :

  • Open all days in July and August from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Open wednesday, saturday and Sunday from May to October from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Guided tours by appointment: Open all year: Day and timetable to be agreed by phone or mail.

Tel. : +33 (0)6 74 62 93 15  


The Conservatory Orchard

The orchard is a place of "memory" and the conservation of biological and genetic diversity of old fruit varieties. It ensures the lasting quality of local varieties and the know how associated with this. The orchard is also a tool for awareness and education for children and adults about natural cycles, maintenance of the fruit and the preservation of biodiversity. It helps enhance the landscape while being a recreational space and a place to relax in the heart of Autun.

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Rue du Vieux Colombier Autun

Latitude: 46.944757
Longitude: 4.30234

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Open all year

La Celle-en-Morvan

La Roseraie des villages de France

This park is a 6000m² garden comprising of a thousand rosebushes and 400 perennial plants offered by the villagers and French communes. It offers several themed courses including two in Braille, and for the youngsters, a recreational course with a small maze of greenery and a giant chess game. Picnic tables are available on site.

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Champ Rosé - La Celle-en-Morvan

Latitude: 47.012569
Longitude: 4.182593

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Open all year from sunrise to the sunset.

Hiking, mountain biking ans horse riding

Casual walkers, athletic hikers and nature lovers will tell you that exploring Autun-Morvan is an invitation to relaxation, a large breath of fresh air is guaranteed!

So, put on your shoes, prepare your bag and most importantly, do not forget your camera: hundreds of way marked trails await you.


Bike Park

The Bike Park of Mesvres is divided into three parts. These spaces are accessible to all public under the condition to follow the safety instructions for each assembly.

  • The Pump-Track and Dirt circuit .

The pump track is a loop consisting of a series of bumps and banked turns. One goal, maintain - or even increase - your speed by winding bumps, by pumping in hollows and in the turns. And of course without pedaling! An excellent learning school . A mini Pump-Track and Dirt circuit is available for young children.

  • The trial areas

They are specially made to work on balance and steering. They are intended for bikers who want to develop their skills, but they are also accessible to all public.

  • The maneuvering area:

It comprises a set of modules fitted for the discovery and development of controlling your bicycle: balance, maneuverability, traction ...

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Recreation area of "la Plaine" - Mesvres

Latitude : 46.856973
Longitude : 4.241766

Hours and prices

Free access all year.

From Avallon to Autun

The Great Morvan crossing

The Great Crossing of the Morvan or GTM: this is 330 km of pure pleasure on a mountain bike. Between Avallon and Autun, passing through the Great Lakes of Morvan, le Haut Folin and the summit of Burgundy.

Practical infos

There are seven equipment washing stations on the route.
A guidebook has been published by Vtopo.
Consult the information on the GTM on the Morvan VTT website

Hours and prices

Open all year


The hiking area of Montmain

This forest area of over 300 hectares on the outskirts of the agglomeration Autun includes:

  • An area of about 500 hiking hectares .
  • Two outstanding central sites: the fold of Montmain, a small building renovated in 2013, and the pond of Cloix.
  • Four car parks on the outskirts, near the 7 access points

Practical infos

Download here the map with walks at the domain of Montmain (PDF - 349 Ko)

Hours and prices

Free access all year round.


In the Autunois

The Morvan Equestrian Tour

Discover Morvan on this 600km circle which passes through Autun. This is a beautiful route, and accommodation can be found every 25-30 km. In rhythm with your mount, discover the many facets of Morvan!

Practical infos

For more information on the Morvan Equestrian Tour, consult the website of Morvan Cheval website.

Hours and prices

Open all year


La Louvetière - Footpath

Walking tour in the hard of the woods in Broye with 7 information panels about Fauna and Flora. 

For all. 

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3 choices between 1:30 to 3:00 hours, from 2 to 5 KM

Tel. : +33 (0)3 85 54 35 61

Beginning : In Broye, take the direction of Autun. After 2 km, The trail is indicated.

Find the details about the footpath on

Hours and prices

Marked Footpath with free access all the year

In the Autunois

Nature walks

Departing from the many villages in Autun you can discover these tours that take a few hours, but to be discovered at your own rhythm.

Practical infos

You can buy the Topo guide, (16 itineraries) –at the Tourist Office - €3.
See the opening hours of the Tourist Office.

Hours and prices

Open all year

Downhill Mountain biking slopes

To multiply the pleasures on a mountain bike, 3 downhill slopes await you on the slopes of the San Sebastian Mountain, on which the Croix de la Liberation is located. 3 downhill eco-designed slopes with a length of 1500m on average the colour green, blue and red and are accessible to everyone: beginners, families, people with reduced mobility and experts. The meeting place is at the departure totem at the foot of the Croix de la Liberation. A very beautiful panorama is guaranteed!

Shuttles to reach the summit without efforts are implemented:

  • from 2pm to 5pm: 12th and 22nd April, 24th May and 21st June
  • from 3pm to 6pm every Wednesday in July and August

Prices: €7.50 / person
Registration required: +33 (0) 6 31 27 45 85 or

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Departure at the Croix de la Liberation, Montagne Saint-Sébastien at Autun

Latitude: 46.934089
Longitude: 4.287307

Hours and prices

Open all year

From Vézelay to Autun

The Pilgrims Path

These routes in the heart of Morvan, highlights the "healers" sources, the chapels, the Gallo-Roman sites without forgetting the Burgundian Romanesque masterpieces of art: the basilicas of Vézelay and Saulieu and Saint Lazare Cathedral of Autun.

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There are two routes (East - 178 km - and West - 160 km) identifiable by the «little orange hiker» that links Vézelay to Autun.
For the route itinerary, information and accommodation, visit the Les Chemins Pèlerins website 

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Hours and prices

Open all year
In the Autunois

Mountain Bike areas

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In Autun, this space offers 140 km of paths that allow you to ride in full freedom while discovering Autun. The departure is from the Marcel Lucotte leisure park in Autun : 6 marked tracks.

Departing from the many villages in Autun, you can take off by attacking the mounts and forests of Morvan by following the many way marked trails:

Possibility to rent mountain bikes at the Sport and Nature area at the Marcel Lucotte leisure park. 

Hours and prices

Open all year

Guided hikes: mountainbiking, hiking


Hiking in Anost

There are approximately 8km of guided hikes in Anost. Wear good shoes.

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35 grande rue des Galvachers à Anost.

Tél: +33 (0)3 85 82 73 26

Ask for a program at the Tourist Office or on

Hours and prices

Departure at 2 pm.
The 07th and the 28th of July - The 4th, the 11th and the 25th of August.



Mountain Bike Outings

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Sport and Nature area at the Marcel Lucotte leisure park at Autun
Route de Chalon, Autun

Latitude: 46.956004
Longitude: 4.316254

Tel: +33 (0)3 85 85 52 47 09

For more information visit the website of Grand Autunois Morvan

Hours and prices

Do you want to discover Autun by mountain bike with family or friends? You can book moutain bike outing at Sport and Nature area.

Bicycles - mountain bikes: rental, sales and repairs


VO3 Sport

Repairs, sales and rental 

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54 route d'Arnay-le-Duc, Autun

Latitude: 46.9705
Longitude: 4.305964

Tel: +33 (0)3 85 85 52 55 42

Hours and prices

Opening times: all year-round: Tuesday to Saturday: 9 am - 12pm / 2am- 7pm (6 pm on Saturdays)

Mountain bike rental rates: € 10 half day; €15 day; € 25 for 2 days; €75 for 7 days.


Espace Sport and Nature

Rentals of mountain bikes, bicycles 

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Marcel-Lucotte leisure park, Route de Chalon, Autun

Latitude: 46.956
Longitude: 4.316254

Tel: +33 (0)3 85 85 52 47 09

For more information visit the website of Grand Autunois Morvan

Hours and prices

Opening hours and Prices here


Cycles Tacnet

Repair and sales only 

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2 bis rue Saint-Saulge, Autun

Latitude: 46.9490
Longitude: 4.29787

Tel: +33 (0)3 85 86 37 83

Informations about the shop on the web site

Hours and prices

Monday 12pm - 7pm; Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 12pm / 2pm - 7pm