The Economy

For a shopping spree, there are many shopkeepers in Autun to welcome you: fashion, beauty, leisure, household goods, decoration, services, restaurants, books, jewellers, home appliances, sports, HI-FI, video, music, newspapers, travels ... you will find everything you need! 
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On the business side, did you know?

That DIM tights are made in Autun?
This textile company specialising in lingerie has been operating in Autun since 1960. It currently employs 900 employees on various sites.

That the one "must have" in trendy decor, the TOLIX Chair, is also manufactured in Autun?
Xavier Pauchard, pioneer of galvanisation in France, was a visionary and creative entrepreneur. In 1927, he filed the name Tolix and launched the production of chairs, seats, stools and metal furniture. Stainless steel, robust and stackable, the chairs and tables quickly invaded the café terraces, public gardens and workshops...

Do you know NEXANS? - One of the world's leaders in industrial wiring, whose first logistics and fully automated storage centre is in Autun?
Set up in Autun since 1979, it produces mainly for the distribution of energy and telecommunications. Today it is one of the largest employers of Autun.

Veldeman bedding, Honeywell Safety Products, Gauthey automation, Pauchard Resevoirs... and many others form the economic fabric of Autun.
The Autun economy is:

  • An industrial activity of production or the subcontracting involving about 30 companies
  • The development of eco-industries with companies specialising in the processing of plastics
  • A rapidly growing timber industry with immediate proximity to Morvan
  • An employment area with more than 9000 jobs
  • There are more than 1,300 companies, where 410 are industrial establishments and construction companies, 452 commercial activities, 500 service companies (excluding agriculture & administration)

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Watch the two presentation videos of the Autun economy:
Econotop: this film presents an overview of the wealth of the economic actors and businesses
The Autun territory. A name associated with a product (TOLIX - a chair, - DIM - tights, - Charolles beef - an AOC ...)
Film of 04:28

ECONOTOP - AUTUN par communicability

Econovie: a promotional film of the Autun-Morvan territory on the economic side and the social life.
Film 07:13 - no blah blah blah just images with music.

Territoire de l'Autunois-Morvan - Econovie par communicability